28 Feb 2014

Eloi Feitosa Research Group

Welcome to my personal academic blog. I am a researcher on colloid science, the leader of the Collod Physics Group at Sao Paulo State University, campus of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil. My research interest is mainly on association colloids including micelles and vesicles, polymer-surfactant interaction, phase behavior of polymer and surfactant-containing systems, and two phase aqueous systems. Perhaps the best contribution of our group is on cationic vesicles we have been investigating since my doctoral degree, in 1990.
Students use to have great ideas we use to discuss to develop new purposes. I would mention our recent investigation on vegetal oil enriched with polar compounds such as inorganic salts and some vitamins.
This site contains academic information on the research and projects developed by the Group on Colloid Physics (GCP) I am the leader. It includes publications and ongoing research projects among other information of colloids and surface science.
Presentely, the team of the Group of Colloid Physics is composed by:
The Group of Colloid Physics Team, 2013
For details on research proposals of our group in general and of each researcher, please go to page Research in this blog.
Further information about my academic carreer (in portuguese), please go to the CNPq page (Lattes DSV):
See also in this blog the list of publications, selected links on Colloids and Surface Science, and some pictures of our group.
Presently, form July 2011 through July 2012, I am a visiting researcher at Professor Martin Malstem lab on Pharmaceutical Physicalchemistry, at the Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University (Sweden).

In my office on sabbatical leave at the Dept. of Pharmacy, Uppsala University (Sweden) - July 2011.

Back to Brazil, August 2012.

Presently I supervise graduate students in the Graduation Program on Chemistry within the research line of Structured and Anfiphilic Systems. Welcome to join this Program under our group supervision!